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Phonology Activities

Children with PHONOLOGICAL DISORDERS demonstrate difficulty producing sound patterns.

Common Phonological processes include:

bulletFronting - sounds produced at the front of the mouth are substituted for others (e.g. cat becomes "tat")
bulletBacking - sounds produced at the back of the mouth are substituted for others (e.g. boy becomes "goy")
bulletStopping - sounds that continue, like /s, sh, v, th/ are substituted for sounds that stop, or do not continue, like /t, d, p, b/. (e.g. soap becomes "toap")
bulletConsonant Sequence Reduction - omitting one or more of the consonants clustered together  (e.g. snake becomes "nake")
bulletSyllable reduction - omitting one or more syllables in a word (e.g. telephone becomes "tephone")

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